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VB6 utilities for Windows. Easy to use Win Utils.
Window Position
Change the position of a window - make the top part negative so its partly hidden. Good for yahoo games and other places where you want to move the window so top part is not visible (cause of banner advertisements) To make the top part of the window appear again just maximize the window from the task bar. Or use the application to set the Y to 0.
To use just run the application, enter part of the windows title surrounded by % signs,in the first text box.
Like for dominoes : %Dom% after you have loaded the game window or main window
Or %Chess% for chess (it is case sensitive
then click the Pos button

Need to do this once for the main game window and for each individual game window.Works well with Internet explorer or opera.
Windows Position

To download Win Task:
Step 1: get this zip
Step 2: Extract it to a folder, keeping note of that folder.
Step 3: Run the exe. If runs you are good to go. Else get the runtime from vb run time at MS it has directions
Step 4: try running the game again. It should run once you have installed VB (might have to re start you system after installing it.)

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